About TG Alliance Inc

TG Alliance Inc. (TGA) is a 100% First Nation (Squamish Nation members) owned business focused on the development, negotiation and management of reciprocal business relationships, partnerships and joint ventures. We build Indigenous capacity and capabilities for industry projects and operations with the goal to maximize the participation of local Indigenous communities. At TGA we balance economic benefits and competitive supply chain principles to achieve best value.

Making a Difference

TGA is a highly effective team working with Indigenous communities and industry to make a difference and create new futures and results for businesses and people. We are committed to:

  • Respect the governance & decision making processes of First Nations
  • Respect the cultural values & traditions
  • Build awareness of First Nation traditions, culture, and governance
  • Regular communication, transparent processes and reporting
  • Create a legacy mutually accepted benefits
  • Develop training and employment opportunities
  • Collaborate to build the capacity of Indigenous communities and businesses to participate in industry projects and operations
  • Collaborate to build and manage reciprocal business relationships through engagement with industry, government and other stakeholders